Wedding Planning in 60 Days 2021- Atlanta GA- Events Bona’Fide

Plan your wedding in 60 days !

 Who says you can’t plan a beautiful wedding in a short amount of time? It’s not impossible! Here are 3 Tips to plan a wedding in 60 days! 

1. Have 80% of Your budget Saved

Now let’s be real! Just because you choose to plan in a smaller amount of time doesn’t mean that you will spend less!! Food, Venues and Decor will still be the largest part of your budget. I didn’t select these three items by happenstance. Before you invite any guest to celebrate with you, you need a place to meet, a beautifully prepared space and some FOOD. 😆 YESS. If you choose to go without these elements, consider planning a beautiful private ceremony for close family and friends. There’s nothing wrong with that option at all. Just know what you desire upfront and remember that the money needs to be available to reserve your date. BUT ANYWAY, having that money set aside to lock in those vendors is MANDATORY!!


There are tons of venues and vendors ready to provide the services that you need for your wedding. Couples have to be decisive about what they want. Being clear on what you want and making a decision is paramount. When you find a vendor who can 1) provide the service in excellence 2) is in your price range and 3) are available for your date; COMMIT and BOOK. This will keep your planning process flowing right into the next on your long to do list.

Virtual Wedding Planning Atlanta Ga Events BonaFide

3. Hire a planner

With our Start to Finish package  we lead couples through planning ,efficiently and timely. We help you clearly define your vision with consideration for your budget. We breakdown the planning process into 4 clear phases.  With our years of experience we navigate you through vendor selections and services  to quickly identify what’s best for your wedding vision and  avoid the “bottlenecks” of planning.  As we get closer and closer to your date our team does a thorough review of all the details to coordinate and execute your event in excellence.  This is just to list a few things to expect from us during planning.:

EB Planning Perks Recap…

  • Help Define Your Vision
  • Organize Your Budget
  • Provide Planning Structure
  • Assist with Vendor Selection
  • Provide Day of Coordination

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