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Make Your Day Special


bo·na fide: authentic, genuine, real, true, actual; legal, legitimate, lawful, valid, proper; legit, the real McCoys

About Us

We enjoy partnering with our couples to build their wedding vision and creatively executing the wedding of their dreams. Using a finite detail to blossom into a complete vision is the most treasured part of the process for Kenitra to experience with each bride. Kenitra believes the difference between a good event and a BonaFide event is proper coordination. If you’re going to have an event it may as well be BONAFIDE.

We offer two packages for your selection. You can choose to pull our team in a few months before the wedding with the  60 Day Coordination package  or have us walk you through the full planning experience from Start to Finish. ……..LEARN MORE

Fill in our contact form and share a few details about your special day. We will take it from there. Let’s discuss what option will work best for you!